I desire to obtain a Bachelor’s degree double majoring in Linguistics and Environmental Science. I also desire to study abroad at least once.



University of Mary Washington: pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees in Linguistics and   Environmental Science

Fall 2017: History of American Tourism, Chinese 101, Introduction to Linguistics, Introduction to Anthropology, Our Dynamic Earth (Geology introduction, including lab),

Spring 2018: Global Issues in Literature, Language and Gender, Chinese 102, Introduction to Math Modeling, Oceanography, Oceanography lab

Atlee High School : Advanced Diploma  ( Mechanicsville, VA, United States)

2013-14: Pre- IB Biology, Geometry, Pre-IB World History II, Pre- IB English, Latin 11, Symphonic Band, Exploratory Band

2014-15: Pre-IB Chemistry, Pre- IB Algebra II, Pre- IB Government, Pre-IB English, Latin III, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble

2015-16: AP Physics, Pre- IB Pre- Calculus, IB History of the Americas, IB English, IB Economics, Latin IV, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble

2016-17: Anatomy and Physiology, IB Math Studies, Modern Global Studies Advanced, IB English, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble




High School

Certificate of Achievement of GPA Higher than 3.0 – 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

National Latin Honor Society – 11th


Dean’s list – first-year

Honor’s program – first-year



File/records maintenance




Collaborative team member

Sensitive to cultural diversity

Responsible and reliable




Part-time office helper

Chandler & Halasz Court Reporters –  Mechanicsville, VA

Scanned and filed forms, reports, correspondence and receipts. Retrieved requested files and delivered to appropriate personnel. Operated office equipment such as copiers. Destroyed files and materials upon request.



Drum Major of Atlee High School Marching Band (11th and 12th)

School Improvement (10th)

Girl Scouts – 12 years


Some of the things I most enjoy are learning new things and being able to apply that knowledge, as well as meeting new people with different opinions and points of view than me. I’m inherently optimistic and compassionate, always wanting the best for everyone. I possess an authoritativeness that comes naturally, and my open-mind creates a respect for others. Though some of my strongest traits are being friendly and kind, I’m also known to be calm, focused, and energetic when I get excited.